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About Dick Gore's RV World

Dick Gore's RV World was Established in 1985 By Dick Gore. Dick had only a tenth grade education and began his life serving as an airborne infantryman in Korea. With no experience working in a civilian career he thought he might make a good salesperson and began selling appliances. He went on to sell wigs and owned a chain of stores until he sold the business to his employees. In 1974 he began selling RVs and founded Dick Gore's RV World in 1985.

Dick was initially discouraged because there were no training programs to become familiar with RVs and he had a very limited knowledge of the products. A fellow salesman educated him and as Dick became more familiar with the industry, his business, which started out as a consignment lot, began to grow as a Florida RV Dealer and a Georgia RV Dealer.

"I have one hiring rule", Says Dick. "The most important thing, if you come to work for Dick Gore, is attitude. You gotta have the right attitude. If you don't have that, you don't need to come work for me."

Dick always believed it's his dealerships' -service after the sales- that sets him apart. "RVs are not built in heaven; none of them are perfect". "One of the biggest problems we have in this industry is having qualified dealers that have good quality RV Service departments. That's what's built my business, is taking care of the customers after the sale. And once we've got a customer, buddy, they don't leave us."

Dick "Richard" Gore is now continuing his father's legacy and belief system at Dick Gore's RV World. "Dick lived, breathed and believed Dick Gore's RV World. I don't want people to think that's going to change, or anything's going to change. We are in the dream-making business."

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